I started losing weight because I had diabetes high blood pressure fatty and enlarged liver. My grandma and mother in law had quadruple heart bypass surgery and I saw I was heading down the same road and I was only 35.

I reached out to my cousin who is a nutritionist with the state of Florida and asked her for guidance. I changed my eating habits. Cut out everything processed sugars etc. more veggies and fruit and small amounts of animal protein.

I only drink water and skim milk for my coffee. Working with Sax fitness has helped strengthen my body after my hysterectomy it was hard to exercise without hurting myself. You took care of me. Made sure I worked out at a pace I could handle.

Made sure I did light weights to target specific muscle groups that would help me with strengthening my body after such a major surgery. You encouraged me to keep going and see that all goals are possible. A little at a time and with determination anything is possible.

You made me laugh and made exercising fun. You continue to encourage me to find the best version of myself and with time my self confidence and my health have completely changed.

I’m a more positive person because your energy rubs off to anyone around you. I know with time and putting in the work and having such an awesome trainer who takes care of me and knows my limitations I can accomplish my goal. Now I no longer have diabetes or a fatty enlarged liver. I have perfect health and I know I will only get better. Thank you for everything that you do. You are amazing.